⚡⚡ Xonotic Clan

Pro quality from casual players

not your average Xonotic clan

Consistent superior Vortex abilities (>50%) and strong gameplay, are required criteria for players to join Extreme Voltage. If your stats are right, you can duel any one of us in an official match. Winning best of 3 will automatically grant you membership, but it is not necessarily required to join.

community contribution

A serious clan naturally takes free software also seriously. This is how Extreme Voltage has contributed on a wide scale to the Xonotic ecosystem and beyond.

* mapping, coding, Linux skills and exceptionally high IQ are not required to join

unchallenged for more than 30 years

Top of the line, unbeatable and awe-inspiring - this is how other strong players usually describe us. But in all humbleness, we are simply casual players who just don't put in the hours to make it that far in the big Rocketjump.zone tournament. Some days we play a few matches, some months we don't play at all. No commitments.

We mostly play pro mode Duel and Team Deathmatch or just Deathmatch.

Tired of being a lone wolf pussy snowflake?

Man up now and compete in a clan, with other clans and not with noobs. Test your skills, try to improve. Quit your miserable dirt-shooting existence now. Look fate in the eye and appreciate how it can never be fine without stepping one way up into a serious organization.

professional gear

Multi-monitor setups, 165Hz screens, 1000Hz mice, RISC servers. For more serious computing, you have to invest into more advanced equipment. Mapping on just two screens in Netradiant? Think again: non-sustainable lifestyle. Get your stuff straight right away.

This is how we roll.

0% packet loss is vital to online gaming

You must not lag. Lag is the mind-killer. Lag is the little-death that brings total obliteration. You will fix your lag. You will not permit it to pass over you and through you. And when it appears you will turn the inner eye to carrier customer service. For when the lag has come you will be nothing. Only I will remain.

are you worthy enough to join?

Contact us now with a link to your Xonotic player stats to schedule a match.

Public servers:

Member area: